Voters wowed by Maha all-women polling booth (Assembly poll 2019)


Washim (Maharashtra), Oct 21 | The Sakhi Matdaan Kendra, a gaily-decorated polling station in Washim managed by an all-women staff, including security, was seen drawing hordes of voters as polling started for the Maharashtra Assembly elections on Monday.

Setting the tone for Diwali next week, the path leading to the polling station was decorated with rangolis, with the punchline ‘Shape Tomorrow by Voting Today’ displayed outside the main entrance.

Images of a man, woman and a girl with their right fist raised for democracy were shown in the rangoli and the walkway was punctuated by green potted plants, for the final few steps depicting that today’s mood was pink.

The main entrance to the polling booths was a breath-taking red-carpet affair, with pink balloons hanging around, pink curtains and a pink-colour marquee topped with a hedge of dark pink flowers.

Inside the polling state, the table-covers were in shades of baby pink, and the smiling, all-women staff, was also specially attired in pink.

Entering the polling booth, most voters suddenly became wide-eyed, enthusiastically smiling their approval at the EC’s arrangements at the special Sakhi Matdan Kendra.

An EC official told IANS: “The public response to the special all-women polling station is very positive” and they would try to replicate it in other parts of the state in future.

Source: IANS


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