Visamo Kids Foundation Helps Realise Underprivileged Girl’s Dream of Pursuing Medical Education


    The fulfilment of a dream is beautiful and more so when you’ve strived hard and steered your way through the odds, one at a time, to achieve what you dreamed of. Bringing immense pride to Kalorex Group-run and Dr. Manjula Pooja Shroff founded Visamo Kids Foundation (VKF), Neelam Sharma, a 2005-batch student of VKF, successfully completed her BDS to become a dentist this year, having passed out from the Government Dental College, (GDCH) Jamnagar.

    L to R: Ms. Sudeshna Bhojia, Project Supervisor, VKF, Dr. Neelam Sharma and Ms. Ami Shah, Administrator, VKF

    Neelam, whose father is a fruit vendor and mother, a homemaker, grew up in an urban slum of Surat, where her parents and three siblings – both migrants from Uttar Pradesh lived. A non-government organisation (NGO), Navsarjan, helped her appear for the VKF admission test in Surat, when she was six.

    “I always aspired to pursue medical education and become a doctor. But I never thought this dream would ever be a reality. Having completed my Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) course, there is no limit to my happiness,” said Neelam, who completed her class X from Anand Niketan, Satellite school in Ahmedabad with 88% marks in the year 2014-15 and later went on to pursue higher secondary education at St. Kabir School – Naranpura Campus.

    “When I cleared my class XII and later opted for medical entrance examination, I was left out by one mark for the cut-off for MBBS course. I was heartbroken but decided to opt for Dentistry course. I am indeed delighted to have completed the course and now, it is a long road ahead as I would like to serve my community and the people at large. Poor oral health is a grave concern among people who hail from underprivileged backgrounds, with sheer lack of means, resources and awareness and I would like to do something for my people going forward,” said Neelam.

    Neelam’s schooling was completely supported by Kalorex Group-run VKF with finances and resources. Child sponsor, Bina Ramani sponsored her stay at VKF till class X. A local coaching institute waived off 50% of the pre-medical coaching fees. Select Visamo Task Group members along with NRUPS Visamo Plus funded the remaining pre-medical coaching fees.

    Fuelling her aspiration to become a doctor, VKF also facilitated collaborations with other donors to support her higher education. Her initial fee payment was done by Nayana Shah, trustee, VKF and director – Manthan Centre for Counselling.

    Neelam has an elder sister who completed studying B.Com and B.Ed in Surat itself and two young brothers who are still in school.


    “Our family faced several hardships financially but despite limited means, my mother ensured all her kids received education. My brothers are pursuing their higher secondary education in commerce and me and my sister have already chosen the career we aspired for,” said Neelam.

    “At the age of six I did not know what VKF was and why I was sent there. Today, I define VKF as a ‘Life Transforming Foundation’ and consider myself lucky because if I have achieved so many milestones in my career, and fulfilled my medical education dream. Thanks to VKF, which made all the efforts to provide me with the best of education and shelter and also has a key role to play in my overall development,” the BDS graduate said.

    Besides education, VKF also focuses on overall development of children. Neelam was very active in sports when in school and could pursue it alongside her studies.

    “When she lived at the hostel, she came across as an extremely short-tempered girl. But with counselling from- a counsellor at VKF and guidance from Manthan, Centre for Counselling, she not just learnt to keep her cool but also remain focussed on her studies. At Visamo, Neelam is a role model for the younger girls and boys and acted as a pillar of support to anyone requiring counselling support. We are proud to have her at Visamo. She spent twelve years in this institution and bringing her up has given us a basket full of experiences of parenting an ambitious teen,” said Ms. Ami Shah, Administrator, VKF.

    “Today, seeing her as a young, skilled, confident doctor is a moment of pride for VKF as it reaffirms the commitment and vision of Kalorex Group of shaping glocal learners and making education reach to each child, each individual,” said Ms. Sudeshna Bhojia, Project Supervisor.

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    Inspiring Journey of Rajasthan’s Deependra Singh Shekhawat From Monthly Salaries to Founder of Fifteen Crore Turnovers Company

    Guy Kawasaki has rightly said that pursuing your passions makes you more interesting, and interesting people are enchanting. Passion is an underrated term as people believe more in hard work and dedication. We often forget that passion is what guides us to success. Deependra Singh Shekhawat is one of the few who proved that hurdles are hidden opportunities, and when utilized appropriately, they will lead you to victory.

    Deependra Singh Shekhawat, being the son of a farmer, has the background of a middle-class family. He belongs to a small village of Udaipurwati, district Jhunjhunu of Rajasthan. However, his status never deterred him from dreaming. Dreams full of his passion gave him the strength to fight the battles in his life. After graduation, he initially started from a regular job. However, he was not content with his occupation. He sensed stagnancy in his career. Soon, he started thinking and strategizing about business. This thought process led him to join a renewable energy company, Adani Renewable Energy, to learn about business as the next step in his professional journey. From then on, there was no stopping him; he was on a roll. In 2015, he established Vertex Solution Company and became one of the top vendors of Adani Solar Energy. He went the extra mile by working with India’s well-known renewable energy organizations as Avada Sola, Tata Solar, O2 Power, and many more.

    Deependra says that his passion for renewable energy spawns from the fact that renewable energy is one of the significant contributors to boosting the country’s economy and generating jobs. He further adds that adopting renewable sources of energy is a healthier option. He claims it is high time we start living peacefully with nature for the sanity of itself and humankind. Additionally, he has provided with job opportunities for the youth of his village Sarai and has become the Youth icon of Rajasthan. Despite belonging to a middle-class family, he left no stones unturned to achieve success and rose from the bottom of the pit to flying like an eagle. From having big dreams to making others’ dreams come true, he has come a long way.

    His journey is inspiring hundreds and thousands of youngsters of middle-class families throughout the country. People are burning with passion after witnessing the change in his life. His life journey is constantly changing the lives of many for the best. He is igniting the fire of eagerness for victory in them.

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    Recruitment Mantra to introduce its new job portal MyhireIndia for a seamless recruitment process

    Recruitment Mantra to introduce its new job portal MyhireIndia for a seamless recruitment process

    India witnessed massive downfall in the employment rate in the year 2020. Not only have the youth been denied equal job opportunities, but some of the upcoming job trends have also failed the modern age individuals.

    Today, job sites are the most widely used portals used by individuals across the globe to find the right job that meets the qualification requirements. Every job is one search away. These portals have transformed the recruitment process to provide seamless and unified  experience to individuals.

    Crediting the same, Recruitment Mantra is going to introduce their own job portal named to enable recruiters and individuals find the best job as per their requirement. The portal will enable employers to post unlimited jobs in this portal and hire the right talented candidates as per their requirements at free of cost. Jobseekers can register and upload their CV in this portal free of cost and can also search and apply for unlimited job openings through this portal.

    Emerging as one of the best job sites in India that acts as a bridge between recruiters and job seekers, the platform has uniquely been curated to serve as a comprehensive for both students and young professionals looking for employment opportunities in their preferred location.

    As one of the best job portals in India, MyhireIndia allows its users to search for either internship or job opportunities within a few clicks. The company review section enables the users to go through the reviews from the companies registered on the platform to get a glimpse of the work-life at the firm behind the curtain.

    • Keyword search: The keyword search function available on job search sites allows users to look for his/her preferred jobs in a single-click just by typing in the job keyword like retail jobs, media, pharmacy job, etc. on the keyword search bar.
    • User-friendly interface: The job site is developed for the key purpose of making job searches easier for its users. A user-friendly interface allows users to browse through job opportunities in his/her preferred areas of life without losing his/her focus in doing the same.
    • Options to filter preferences: The filters available on the job site allow users to filter out their job preferences exactly according to their needs and requirements. You can filter out your job search with your location, salary, job type, and other preferences.
    • Easy application process: If a job site has a complicated application option for jobs, it will automatically receive backlash for its services. The platform serves an easy application option to users, allowing them to apply for jobs within minutes.