Pak FM meets Iraqi leaders to boost bilateral ties


Baghdad, May 30 | Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi held meetings with Iraqi leaders during his official visit to Baghdad to strengthen bilateral ties in various fields.

Iraqi President Barham Salih met with Qureshi on Saturday, and the two sides discussed bilateral relations and stressed the importance of cooperation in combating terrorism and extremism to stabilise the region and the world, Xinhua news agency reported.

“The world and the region, in particular, are facing the challenges of terrorism, extremism, and the escalation of tensions that affect global security and stability,” Salih said.

“Iraq’s close relations with the Arab world, Islamic neighbouring countries, and its relations with the international community are a cornerstone of security, stability, and development in the region.”

For his part, Qureshi affirmed “his country’s commitment to supporting Iraq’s security and sovereignty and expressed aspiration towards consolidating bilateral relations and cooperation in various fields with Iraq”.

Qureshi also met Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, as the two discussed ways to enhance cooperation between Baghdad and Islamabad in the security, economic and military fields.

They also discussed the file of religious visits as Pakistan wants to facilitate visa procedures for Pakistani visitors to Iraq

Moreover, Qureshi conveyed an invitation from the Pakistani leadership for al-Kadhimi to visit Pakistan.

Qureshi also met his Iraqi counterpart Fuad Hussein.

At a press conference after the meeting, Hussein said that he discussed with Qureshi “the export of Iraqi oil to the Pakistani market, cooperation in the agricultural and industrial fields, in addition to encouraging religious tourism between the two countries”.

For his part, Qureshi told reporters that his country is looking forward to more cooperation with Iraq in the fields of combating terrorism and religious tourism, stressing Pakistan’s commitment to supporting Iraq in all fields.

Qureshi arrived at Baghdad airport on Friday and was received by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Salih al-Tamimi.

Source: IANS

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Don’t get confused with your purpose and passion as both go well together

Passion as well as purpose both goes hand in hand. Purpose defines the passion in life. If you are passionate about something then there will be a purpose behind it. And if you feel that you are passionate about something but you are not able to find the purpose behind it then please do self-analysis. There is surely something that you are missing out on. Munish Maya in his Instagram post took out few minutes to write about Purpose and Passion, as he feels that it is an important topic to be discussed with everyone. Mr. Maya started writing his post by making a statement, “Many people confuse passion with purpose. Others struggle to find both.”

Self-analyzing is a very tough job and it’s completely natural to get confused. Solving this problem Munish Maya says, “Passion & purpose are distinct. Passion is the drive, the energy that makes us feel good. Like they say, ‘do what you love.” People follow their passion to live a stress-free life where they can enjoy whatever the work they are doing. It is well said, ‘Follow your passion and there will not be a single day when you will have to work.’ Whereas the most asked question in relevance to passion, ‘What is the purpose?’ is answered very well by Munish

Maya in his same post, “Your purpose is the reason, your ‘Why’ behind what you do.” 

Passion and purpose go hand in hand. Munish Maya says, “From over a decade, I experienced, learned, evolved & developed new passions. They have changed my life & perspective in a great way.” Passion serves the purpose of life. Munish Maya himself followed his passion when he realized that he cannot do a 9-5 profile job, and look at him now, he is the 1st Global Brand Ambassador of India. His passion leads him to define the purpose of his life. The only purpose of Munish Maya’s life is to serve people by guiding and enlightening them about their lives.

This confusion between passion and purpose is not for the lifetime. To which Munish Maya explained by saying, “But the sweet spot is where your passion & purpose align.

One fuels your internal drive while the other maximizes your outward impact.” When both purpose and passion start to align then you will start gaining success and positivity in life.

Munish Maya describes it more beautifully, “And in the path of manifestation, Purpose fuels Passion. By focusing on your purpose, you align your work with your deepest drive- your passion.” If you are passionate about something in your life, then the purpose of your life is served.


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