Pak economy grows 3.94% with V-shaped recovery


Islamabad, June 11 | Pakistan’s V-shaped economic recovery on the back of broad-based growth across all sectors has enabled it to witness a 3.94 per cent growth during the first nine months of FY21 (July 2020-March 2021).

Unveiling the economic survey on Thursday on the eve of the presentation of the budget for FY22 (July 2021-June 2022) in the National Assembly, Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin said that the growth exceeded the government’s target of 2.1 per cent as manufacturing and services sectors made remarkable progress during the ongoing financial year, reports Xinhua news agency.

The economic survey is an annual report on the performance of the economy, focusing in particular on major macroeconomic indicators.

The survey said that manufacturing has witnessed broad-based growth as major sectors of large-scale manufacturing including textile, food beverages and tobacco, non-metallic mineral products and automobile have shown significant improvement, due to which the first nine months of FY21 recorded the highest period-wise growth of 8.99 per cent since 2007.

Tax collection of the Federal Board of Revenue also witnessed a significant growth of around 18 per cent during July-May FY21 owing to the revival of domestic economic activity and ongoing comprehensive tax policy and administrative reforms, it added.

Shedding light on the impact of Covid-19 on the economy, the survey said that the economy was recovering from macroeconomic imbalances before 2020, but the pandemic slowed down the pace which was recovered initially and the advent of the second and third wave brought significant challenges which were met by the timely prudent policies.

The finance minister showed resolve to further grow the economy after its recovery from the pandemic-stricken FY20 by taking measures to uplift agricultural and industrial sectors, and widening the tax net by bringing reforms in the Federal Board of Revenue.

Source: IANS

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Don’t get confused with your purpose and passion as both go well together

Passion as well as purpose both goes hand in hand. Purpose defines the passion in life. If you are passionate about something then there will be a purpose behind it. And if you feel that you are passionate about something but you are not able to find the purpose behind it then please do self-analysis. There is surely something that you are missing out on. Munish Maya in his Instagram post took out few minutes to write about Purpose and Passion, as he feels that it is an important topic to be discussed with everyone. Mr. Maya started writing his post by making a statement, “Many people confuse passion with purpose. Others struggle to find both.”

Self-analyzing is a very tough job and it’s completely natural to get confused. Solving this problem Munish Maya says, “Passion & purpose are distinct. Passion is the drive, the energy that makes us feel good. Like they say, ‘do what you love.” People follow their passion to live a stress-free life where they can enjoy whatever the work they are doing. It is well said, ‘Follow your passion and there will not be a single day when you will have to work.’ Whereas the most asked question in relevance to passion, ‘What is the purpose?’ is answered very well by Munish

Maya in his same post, “Your purpose is the reason, your ‘Why’ behind what you do.” 

Passion and purpose go hand in hand. Munish Maya says, “From over a decade, I experienced, learned, evolved & developed new passions. They have changed my life & perspective in a great way.” Passion serves the purpose of life. Munish Maya himself followed his passion when he realized that he cannot do a 9-5 profile job, and look at him now, he is the 1st Global Brand Ambassador of India. His passion leads him to define the purpose of his life. The only purpose of Munish Maya’s life is to serve people by guiding and enlightening them about their lives.

This confusion between passion and purpose is not for the lifetime. To which Munish Maya explained by saying, “But the sweet spot is where your passion & purpose align.

One fuels your internal drive while the other maximizes your outward impact.” When both purpose and passion start to align then you will start gaining success and positivity in life.

Munish Maya describes it more beautifully, “And in the path of manifestation, Purpose fuels Passion. By focusing on your purpose, you align your work with your deepest drive- your passion.” If you are passionate about something in your life, then the purpose of your life is served.


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