Over 3L beneficiaries receive 2nd dose, tally reaches 1.14 cr


New Delhi, Feb 22 | The Union Health Ministry informed on Monday that 3,07,238 people, including healthcare and frontline workers, were vaccinated on Monday, the 38th day of vaccination, which was conducted across 36 states and Union Territories (UT) of the country till 6 p.m.

With the latest addition, the cumulative figure of vaccination has reached 1,14,24,094 in the country, the ministry informed.

Of the cumulative figure, 75,40,602 beneficiaries were healthcare workers, including 11,15,542 who received their second shot which started in the country on February 13, while 38,83,492 are frontline workers.

The number of first doses administered to healthcare workers is 64,25,060.

The highest single day vaccination during the ongoing vaccination drive so far was achieved on February 18, when a total of 6,58,674 beneficiaries were administered the vaccine.

The ministry noted that the highest participation in the vaccination drive on Monday was seen in five states — Uttar Pradesh (50,201), Karnataka (21,669), West Bengal (23,580), Maharashtra (22,979) and Bihar (19,501).

The ministry informed that no new hospitalisation following vaccination was reported in the last 24 hours, adding that a total of 46 beneficiaries have been hospitalised so far.

“Of them, 26 were discharged after treatment, one is under treatment while the remaining 19 persons have been reported dead,” said Mandeep Bhandari, Joint Secretary in the Health Ministry.

Hospitalisation after vaccination remains 0.0004 per cent, the ministry said.

The Health Ministry also said that the total deaths recorded so far have reached 41, including two new fatalities reported in the past 24 hours. Of them, 19 reported in the hospital, while 22 deaths were recorded outside the hospital. However, no causal link between these events and the vaccines has been established so far, it added.

“A 24-year-old woman from Kerala died 17 days post-vaccination with symptoms of intracranial bleeding. Her post mortem is done but report is awaited,” Bhandari informed.

“Another case is a 49-year-old female from Kerala who died two days after vaccination. Her case is of suspected Myocardial infarction. The postmortem has been done and the reports are awaited,” he added.

“No case of serious/severe AEFI or death has been attributable to vaccination till date,” Bhandari clarified.

Source: IANS

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