My dream is to die on stage: Akhil Sachdeva


By Puja Gupta
New Delhi, Nov 6 (IANSlife) Singer Akhil Sachdevas first Bollywood number “Humsafar” from “Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya” managed to top many music charts for a long time. His recent song “Tera Ban Jaunga” from the movie “Kabir Singh” is still a rage and features in almost all playlists.

But Sachdeva says he never planned to take music as his profession as he “did not choose music but music chose him”. His only dream today is to “die on stage”, he says. In an interview with IANSlife, the artiste, who recently performed in Gurugram to celebrate the sixth anniversary of CyberHub, shares his musical philosophy, the music scene in India and his upcoming project. Read excerpts:

Q) How did music happen to you? When did you realise your love for music?
It’s been almost 10 -11 years in music now. There was a situation in my life when I did not know what was to be done… I just picked up a guitar and started singing and it was the day I realised I wanted to do music. I think that was the best day of my life. It was that day when I said I wanted music and nothing else. I didn’t choose music, but music chose me. And from there it was the invention of Nasha (music band)’.

Q) Your musical philosophy?
I just believed music has to touch the soul. It has to be simple. I don’t think I can define music. No body can. Music can only be felt when it is played. Silence is also music. There is no word to describe it.

Q) How has your journey been in the industry?
Awesome! I have gone through my own struggles. Everything that an achiever goes through. By that I mean without going through a lot of struggles, criticism and a lot of ups and downs and failures, you can’t make it. I’ve gone through all that, but I just stood and that’s my strength because I feel I’m very passionate and I can’t do anything except music. It is a struggle, but it is amazing because music is life.

Q) Live concerts or playback? What do you like more?
Both can’t go without each other. If I don’t do playback, they won’t be songs for which I can do live performances. I’m meant to be on stage. It is my dream to die on stage. I feel nothing can make you as high as the stage can. But if I don’t do playbacks, I can’t be on the stage for a longer period of time.

Q) In India, how easy/difficult it is to make a mark in music?
It’s easy for some random guy of today’s generation with social media as short-term successes are quite easy. You don’t have to be talented enough to be popular — that’s what I would say. But, if you’re not talented, or you don’t have content or if you are not passionate, you can’t be in the long run. I feel I have content and I’m passionate and I have patience too.

Q) What are some positive and negative points of the internet when it comes to music?
Like I said, social media has been used as a medium for short-term success for many people. I have started using social media actively lately. But, there has been a lot of negativity spread because of the internet. It should be stopped.

Q) Your favourite piece of work?
Everything I’ve done is my favourite. And there is something coming in the next few days. I give my heart and soul to all my songs.

Q) What makes you come alive?
Food and cars.

Q) Any actor you want to lend your voice?
Ranbir Kapoor and I’m going to do it soon, I promise.

Q) What is the biggest lesson you have learned in life?
To judge a situation happening at the moment. Have patience because things will not take long to change. Even if it takes longer, things will change.

Q) Your next project?
My next song is coming in a few days. It’s going to big. I’m feeling so special about it. So stay tuned!

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