MP: Controversial questions removed from PSC exams


Bhopal, Jan 15 | The five contentious questions on the Bhil tribe asked in an examination conducted by the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) were removed from the question paper as a notification in this regard has also been issued by the Commission.

In the second question paper of the preliminary examination conducted by the MPPSC on January 12, a passage was given about Bhil Samaj and five questions were asked on it.

In the preliminary examination, one of the questions, based on a passage on the tribe, read: “The primary reason for the criminal nature of Bhils is?” with the four options given as – “inability to pay liabilities”, “working with honesty”, “carrying out immoral work” and “migrating from villages”.

The questions triggered a major controversy in the state’s politics. On Tuesday, the Commission issued a notification in connection with the questions that were removed. The commission has not yet disclosed how the results of the test will be calculated.

The Commission has tried to eliminate the political rhetoric that started in the state by removing the controversial questions. At the same time, the candidates are demanding bonus marks for the questions that have been removed.

Source: IANS


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