Mahdi Parsafar: Bored of playing a demon on TV


    Mumbai, April 29 | With no work in hand owing to the Covid situation here, television actor Mahdi Parsafar returned to his country Iran last year. The actor, however, is happy with the break.

    Parsafar says that he was only being offered mythological shows, and the break will let him start afresh

    “I was typecast and was only offered to play demons. I was quite bored with the same kind of characters. Hence, this break was a must. I’m waiting for the pandemic to end soon so that I could travel back to India to give a second try to my acting career,” he says.

    Mahdi, who has been a part of mythological shows like “Baal Krishna” and “Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev”, has now gotten into bodybuilding to earn a living.

    He says: “After I arrived in Iran last year, I had no source of income here. I didn’t want to get into my family business. So, I started working as a fitness trainer. Bodybuilding is something I’m passionate about. By god’s grace, I could now pay my bills.”

    Source: IANS


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