Kenyan marathon champion Kamworor sustains fracture in road accident


Nairobi, June 27 | Kenyan marathon world record holder Geoffrey Kamworor suffered injuries to his head and ankle after he was hit by a speeding motorcycle recently.

Kamworor was out for his morning walk when a motorcycle crashed into his back and was subsequently taken to the hospital where his injuries were confirmed.

“I was one kilometre away from my home during my morning run when a speeding motorcycle hit me from behind and I fell down injuring my leg,” Kamworor was quoted as saying by

“I also got injuries in my head and he helped me up and took me to the hospital where I was admitted,” the 2015 World Championship silver medalist added.

It was later revealed that Kamworor had suffered a fracture on his right leg but is expected to get well soon.

“I received the patient on Thursday morning and we managed to do a surgery which was to open incomplete right tibia shaft fracture on his right leg and bruises on his head,” Victor Bargoria was quoted as saying by

Kamworor has so far won two World Marathon Majors, in 2017 and 2019, both in New York. In the 2016 Rio Olympics, he finished 11th in the 10,000m event. He is also a four-time half-marathon champion and four-time World Cross-country champion.

Source: IANS


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