Imran’s speech at UNGA draws severe criticism


New York, Sep 25 | Pakistan Prime Minister Imran khans speech at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) drew the attention of a large number of Pakistanis, who feel that the UN platform should not just be used for sabre rattling with India and on security issues, but should also be used for issues critical to Pakistan, focusing on the countrys growth and progress.

Today Pakistan is in a difficult situation economically and there is growing frustration across the country on the utter lack of employment and the high levels of inflation. There are serious problems of electricity, water and gas supplies in the country and political parties have been rearing to clash with the government on these issues.

Some of the core issues on which Imran Khan could have focused are sustainable development, climate change, the impact of the Covid pandemic and how the country needs support and assistance to pull out of the present state of economic deprivation and socio-political morass, among other issues.

Instead, Imran Khan dedicated significant time towards security issues and Kashmir.

On Afghanistan, his mention of how the US compelled Pakistan to tackle the Mujahideen during the Soviet invasion and then again post 9/11, drew criticism from different quarters in Pakistan.

In his excitement, Imran khan mentioned that Pakistan had to work with the Mujahideen and a number of other groups, “including the Al Qaeda”, thereby officially confirming Pakistani role in sustaining the Al Qaeda and other such entities.

He even mentioned that the Mujahideen were invited to the White House during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan. He went onto mention that the Mujahideen were considered “heroes”.

He spoke at length on how poor nations suffered as the rich nations failed to bring in trillions of amount stashed in the tax havens at the cost of suffering of the poorer nations.

The long rhetoric on this issue would have certainly made the Americans smirk, as they are privy to how adept Pakistan has been in diverting huge funds that the US catered for development work and also as part of defence cooperation to Pakistan.

According to some US estimates, as much as 50 per cent of the total amount provided under different heads often went to different sources associated with Pakistan’s agenda of sustaining various militant groups and terror entities.

While the Americans knew of this siphoning off exercise, they realised that this was part of a give and take arrangement where the Pakistanis would prefer them to look away on their spending and instead focus on Pakistani support to their military operations in Afghanistan.

Pakistan has always used the tribal belts for breeding terror groups and encouraged growth of numerous radical Islamic entities which have morphed into larger entities, at times even targeting the Pakistan Army.

As a civilised nation with a strong and powerful military, a fact that Imran Khan reiterated during his speech, Pakistan should have prevented such localised activities by radical entities in the tribal areas.

In fact, during the speech, he admitted that once these terror entities turned against Pakistan post 9/11, hitting out at soft and hard targets, the Pakistan Army was compelled to move into the tribal areas “where they had never ventured in the past”.

This latter statement by Imran khan comes as a surprise and lends credence to the fact that the Pakistani state and the Army never bothered to secure an area which has historically been known to be hotbed of criminal and terror related activities.

It was an intentional and planned strategy to let these groups mushroom in this “safe sanctuary” catered by the Pakistani state.

On the Kashmir issue and specifically on Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Imran Khan dedicated significant time and energy ranting out the traditional lines which the UNGA is used to listening.

A copy-paste version of previous UNGA speeches by heads of past Pakistani delegations, the script on Kashmir had nothing new. Moreover, committing so much of this precious time slot to highlight the Geelani episode instead of a host of other relevant issues affecting his country goes to show that ‘Kashmir and Geelani’ were more of a diversionary tactics drawing away public attention from Pakistan’s internal problems.

Geelani was the favourite of Pakistan as he pursued the maximalist and hardline agenda, which included merger of Kashmir with Pakistan. He had also encouraged violence as part of his political charter. However, that said, speaking at length at the UNGA on Geelani was not appreciated by Pakistanis all across.

Imran Khan’s mention of how the US had left Pakistan high and dry also does not hold much credibility as the US took some time to realise that they cannot carry on with the duplicitous game of Pakistan and be part of an endless marathon which tends to benefit Pakistan at the cost of American lives.

There is firm belief in the American establishment that the situation Pakistan faces today is a result of its own creation. The US also realises that Pakistan today finds itself in a tight spot and knows very well that handling Afghanistan on its own is going to be an impossible task and hence they have been building the narrative of Afghanistan once again becoming a haven for terrorist activities, if not bailed out by the international community.

Some US analysts feel that Pakistan maintains significant control over the Taliban and should be given the responsibility of managing the government in Afghanistan and face the resultant consequences as well.

There is a feeling among such experts that the constant US hand holding of Pakistan and not questioning their linkages with terror entities has led to an “irresponsible” Pakistan. They thus feel it is about time Pakistan should learn to be “responsible”.

In spite of the pleading by Imran Khan at the UNGA, the western world is bound to support, aid and assist Afghanistan only if the Taliban strive for an inclusive government, remain diligent on human rights and ensure transparency in their functioning.

Imran khan reiterated these elements as part of the deal with the Taliban. The world is going to closely watch the Taliban’s commitment towards these issues and only after a thorough time-tested vetting would the western countries extend support to the Taliban government.

Till such time, Pakistan would have to bear the responsibility of sustaining the Taliban government and mentor it to become acceptable in the civilised global community.

Source: IANS

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7 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Italian Furniture

Very often we see people speaking ever so highly of the Italian furniture they own, while we see others gushing over Italian furniture and expressing their deep desire to own at least one such piece of furniture. Italian design and decor are widely hailed across the world for their strong emphasis on quality and simple shapes that combine both tradition and modernity through the finest craftsmanship.

The way a person decorates their home is a reflection of their personal style and identity. Needless to say, tastes and preferences vary wildly, especially when it comes to items of furniture with regard to their size, shape, texture, and color.  However, regardless of the specific kind of design a person likes, Italian furniture is a dominant player in the furniture and home design industry.

For several centuries, Italy has been considered to be a hub for culture, literature, and the arts as well as architecture and design. Italian style interior design has been the preferred choice for an ever-increasing number of people, and this is not just a recent trend. Italy is a country that is synonymous with class, sophistication, and exceptionally high quality, and this shows in the sheer popularity of Italian furniture today. Italian sofa manufacturers take great pride in the quality and design of their sofa sets, and one need not look far to see that even the most discerning customers are duly pleased with Italian furniture.

So what is it that makes Italian furniture so popular? Let’s take a closer look!

Timeless charm and appeal

Italian sofas, chairs, tables, and other pieces of furniture have a charm that is impossible to compete with, leave alone outdo. Not only are Italian furniture pieces renowned across the world for their quality and appeal, but they are also items whose aesthetic value appreciates over time. Italian furniture has an inimitably characteristic beauty and these furniture pieces only tend to look even better as the years’ pass. The fact that only the best quality materials are used for their manufacture is what makes Italian furniture so sought after.

Strong and durable

While many prospective customers will tend to get deterred or even discouraged by the fact that Italian furniture costs a fair amount of money, these furniture pieces are made with the best quality materials and are guaranteed to last for decades if not centuries. That being said, purchasing Italian furniture should be best viewed as an investment and not just an expenditure, as the elegance, durability, and comfort that these furniture pieces will offer you are their own reward.

Unbeatable quality and elegance

Italian artisans and craftsmen are famous across the world for their dedication, patience, and attention to detail. It goes without saying that Italian products, in general, are synonymous with high quality, and one only needs to look at history to see how true this is. Since time immemorial, Italian manufactures have strived for excellence and have always made sure that the products they make are nothing short of the best. Therefore, Italian furniture is a symbol of Italian perfection, sophistication, and class.

Exquisitely comfortable

The very purpose of furniture pieces such as sofas, chairs, and couches is to provide comfort to people. Italian furniture will not just provide unmatched comfort but will also give any person the feeling of being in exquisite and opulent surroundings. There is no doubt that a handcrafted piece of Italian furniture will convey a feeling of elegance and sophistication.

Wide variety of furniture designs

Many people are under the wrong impression that Italian furniture is available only in very specific parts of the world and that they are few in number. The good news is that this is not true. Artyz offers you a wide assortment of Italian furniture, and you are sure to find something that perfectly suits the design and aesthetics of your home. Not only will you be able to choose from sofas, ottomans, tables, beds, tables, and much more, you will also have the choice of selecting from a wide variety of designs. Given the fact that a lot of hard work and craftsmanship goes into making Italian furniture, you can make your living space truly unique by purchasing one or more exquisite furniture pieces.

High caliber craftsmanship

Italy is a world leader in manufacturing for a number of reasons. To begin with, only the highest quality of materials are used, and this, coupled with the unique and unparalleled skill sets that Italian artisans have, you can be assured of nothing less than the best. Italy has long been hailed for its contributions to several fields of the arts, such as painting, sculpture, music as well as design. That being said, painstaking hard work, unbridled dedication, and sharp attention to detail have made Italian craftsmanship an ideal in and of itself.

Novelty and inimitability

Unlike cheaper, mass-produced furniture that is readily available and most often delivered in a cardboard box, Italian furniture pieces are meticulously handcrafted and made with immense dedication and focus on the details. Italian furniture is very eye-catching and will without a doubt convey a sense of luxury and opulence to both residents and guests alike. Such furniture pieces will have a direct effect on the mindset and mood of residents as they will notice how the furniture pieces enhance and enrich the home.

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Deependra Singh Shekhawat, being the son of a farmer, has the background of a middle-class family. He belongs to a small village of Udaipurwati, district Jhunjhunu of Rajasthan. However, his status never deterred him from dreaming. Dreams full of his passion gave him the strength to fight the battles in his life. After graduation, he initially started from a regular job. However, he was not content with his occupation. He sensed stagnancy in his career. Soon, he started thinking and strategizing about business. This thought process led him to join a renewable energy company, Adani Renewable Energy, to learn about business as the next step in his professional journey. From then on, there was no stopping him; he was on a roll. In 2015, he established Vertex Solution Company and became one of the top vendors of Adani Solar Energy. He went the extra mile by working with India’s well-known renewable energy organizations as Avada Sola, Tata Solar, O2 Power, and many more.

Deependra says that his passion for renewable energy spawns from the fact that renewable energy is one of the significant contributors to boosting the country’s economy and generating jobs. He further adds that adopting renewable sources of energy is a healthier option. He claims it is high time we start living peacefully with nature for the sanity of itself and humankind. Additionally, he has provided with job opportunities for the youth of his village Sarai and has become the Youth icon of Rajasthan. Despite belonging to a middle-class family, he left no stones unturned to achieve success and rose from the bottom of the pit to flying like an eagle. From having big dreams to making others’ dreams come true, he has come a long way.

His journey is inspiring hundreds and thousands of youngsters of middle-class families throughout the country. People are burning with passion after witnessing the change in his life. His life journey is constantly changing the lives of many for the best. He is igniting the fire of eagerness for victory in them.


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