HMIL to assist Air Liquide Medical to ramp up ventilator production


Chennai, April 18 | India’s second largest car maker Hyundai Motor India Ltd (HMIL) will be assisting Air Liquide Medical Systems to ramp up its ventilator production capacity, said a senior company official.

Air Liquide Medical is the Indian subsidiary of French company Air Liquide Healthcare.

“We have understood their supply chain and also started identifying newer supply source,” B.C. Dutta, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, HMIL told IANS.

According to him, HMIL’s role in the partnership is to assist in ramping up the ventilator production capacity of Air Liquide Medical and also their supply chain.

Ventilators are medical devices take over the work of breathing from a patient who is unable to breathe on their own by delivering air with high concentration of oxygen to their lungs.

For patients severely affected by COVID-19, ventilators are critical to ensure continuous oxygen is supplied to overcome respiratory insufficiency.

With coronavirus spreading in the country, there is an increased demand for ventilators in the country.

Dutta said several parts manufacturers have been identified for Air Liquide Medical.

“We plan to ramp up ventilator production by Air Liquide Medical to 1,000 units per month soon.

Source: IANS


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