High time we speak freely about feminine hygiene: Janhvi Kapoor


New Delhi, Sep 18 (IANSlife) Youth icon and actor Janhvi Kapoor says that it is “high time that we speak openly and freely about feminine hygiene care, and I think thats the first step in making sanitary pads and feminine care more easily available and accessible to a larger number of women in our country”.

Kapoor, who is face of the brand Paree Sanitary Pads, features in a new TVC which shows her dancing her heart out even during her periods.

“Accessibility to sanitary pads is extremely important to a women’s physical and mental health. Periods are a completely natural and healthy process in our body and I strongly advocate the need to encourage educational conversation around it,” she tells IANSlife.

Sahil Dharia, Founder and CEO, Soothe Healthcare adds that: “Sanitary pads are the basic requirement and essential for every woman and access to them is very important. We estimate that the urban penetration of the usage of sanitary pads in metro cities is still between 40 to 50 percent. Less than 50 percent of the women are using sanitary pads in cities like Delhi or Kolkata which is quite surprising. In Tier-II and III cities, awareness is much lesser.”

Last year during the first lockdown, the brand noticed muted conversations about women’s hygiene and how women in need would procure something that is an absolute necessity for them – sanitary pads. In addition to the non- availability and less penetration, fear of leakage, lack of washrooms, and discomfort around men, cause menstruating women to not venture out.

Janhvi says: “Lack of access to feminine hygiene products during girls’ menstruation cycle can surely hinder a girl from reaching her potential or performing at her optimum. During the entire cycle, there is an element of pain and a need for comfort. We definitely need the right and suitable products that will make periods as comfortable as possible. It is a very natural and healthy process that a woman goes through and we need to treat it as is.”

Speaking about the association with Paree, the actor said it “has given me an opportunity to reach out to millions of young girls and encourage them to go ahead and live their life without periods holding them back. Because for period worries, you have Paree. Also, since the start of my career I have always supported Indian brands and it gives me pride to be a part of their journey and I look forward to this exciting partnership with Paree.”

Asked if the cinema industry and media need to do more to positively depict periods on- screen, Jahnvi says “it should be advertised and spoken about more than any other product, because it needs to reach a wider range of people so that they have better access to it. I do think we need to encourage conversations about it, we do need to normalise it…”.

Source: IANS

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7 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Italian Furniture

Very often we see people speaking ever so highly of the Italian furniture they own, while we see others gushing over Italian furniture and expressing their deep desire to own at least one such piece of furniture. Italian design and decor are widely hailed across the world for their strong emphasis on quality and simple shapes that combine both tradition and modernity through the finest craftsmanship.

The way a person decorates their home is a reflection of their personal style and identity. Needless to say, tastes and preferences vary wildly, especially when it comes to items of furniture with regard to their size, shape, texture, and color.  However, regardless of the specific kind of design a person likes, Italian furniture is a dominant player in the furniture and home design industry.

For several centuries, Italy has been considered to be a hub for culture, literature, and the arts as well as architecture and design. Italian style interior design has been the preferred choice for an ever-increasing number of people, and this is not just a recent trend. Italy is a country that is synonymous with class, sophistication, and exceptionally high quality, and this shows in the sheer popularity of Italian furniture today. Italian sofa manufacturers take great pride in the quality and design of their sofa sets, and one need not look far to see that even the most discerning customers are duly pleased with Italian furniture.

So what is it that makes Italian furniture so popular? Let’s take a closer look!

Timeless charm and appeal

Italian sofas, chairs, tables, and other pieces of furniture have a charm that is impossible to compete with, leave alone outdo. Not only are Italian furniture pieces renowned across the world for their quality and appeal, but they are also items whose aesthetic value appreciates over time. Italian furniture has an inimitably characteristic beauty and these furniture pieces only tend to look even better as the years’ pass. The fact that only the best quality materials are used for their manufacture is what makes Italian furniture so sought after.

Strong and durable

While many prospective customers will tend to get deterred or even discouraged by the fact that Italian furniture costs a fair amount of money, these furniture pieces are made with the best quality materials and are guaranteed to last for decades if not centuries. That being said, purchasing Italian furniture should be best viewed as an investment and not just an expenditure, as the elegance, durability, and comfort that these furniture pieces will offer you are their own reward.

Unbeatable quality and elegance

Italian artisans and craftsmen are famous across the world for their dedication, patience, and attention to detail. It goes without saying that Italian products, in general, are synonymous with high quality, and one only needs to look at history to see how true this is. Since time immemorial, Italian manufactures have strived for excellence and have always made sure that the products they make are nothing short of the best. Therefore, Italian furniture is a symbol of Italian perfection, sophistication, and class.

Exquisitely comfortable

The very purpose of furniture pieces such as sofas, chairs, and couches is to provide comfort to people. Italian furniture will not just provide unmatched comfort but will also give any person the feeling of being in exquisite and opulent surroundings. There is no doubt that a handcrafted piece of Italian furniture will convey a feeling of elegance and sophistication.

Wide variety of furniture designs

Many people are under the wrong impression that Italian furniture is available only in very specific parts of the world and that they are few in number. The good news is that this is not true. Artyz offers you a wide assortment of Italian furniture, and you are sure to find something that perfectly suits the design and aesthetics of your home. Not only will you be able to choose from sofas, ottomans, tables, beds, tables, and much more, you will also have the choice of selecting from a wide variety of designs. Given the fact that a lot of hard work and craftsmanship goes into making Italian furniture, you can make your living space truly unique by purchasing one or more exquisite furniture pieces.

High caliber craftsmanship

Italy is a world leader in manufacturing for a number of reasons. To begin with, only the highest quality of materials are used, and this, coupled with the unique and unparalleled skill sets that Italian artisans have, you can be assured of nothing less than the best. Italy has long been hailed for its contributions to several fields of the arts, such as painting, sculpture, music as well as design. That being said, painstaking hard work, unbridled dedication, and sharp attention to detail have made Italian craftsmanship an ideal in and of itself.

Novelty and inimitability

Unlike cheaper, mass-produced furniture that is readily available and most often delivered in a cardboard box, Italian furniture pieces are meticulously handcrafted and made with immense dedication and focus on the details. Italian furniture is very eye-catching and will without a doubt convey a sense of luxury and opulence to both residents and guests alike. Such furniture pieces will have a direct effect on the mindset and mood of residents as they will notice how the furniture pieces enhance and enrich the home.

Before you rush off to purchase Italian furniture pieces for your home, do check out Artyz. Artyz is a renowned furniture showroom in Kolkata that offers you a vast range of furniture choices that can suit the requirements of any living space and can accommodate any budget. As a leading furniture showroom, the focus remains entirely on providing top-quality furniture at affordable and reasonable prices. Simply take your pick from the diverse furniture selection and let Artyz handle the rest. By having Italian furniture in your home, you will be able to liven up your living space in unimaginable ways. The sheer elegance of Italian furniture is what creates a statement like no other style.


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