Healthy eating for a younger you


New Delhi, Nov 27 (IANSlife) What goes inside your body can have a major impact on what shows outside. The power of healthy eating as a habit is a rule of thumb for all those looking to delay signs of aging and to look younger.

A new book by author Glenn Harrold, titled ‘Look, Young, Live Longer’, shares five nuggets of useful information for youthful looks that last you a lifetime.

1. Follow the 80-20 rule. If 80 percent of the time you are eating the right healthy food, then you can afford in odd indulgences 20 percent of the time. However, even for occasional gratification like chocolate or wine, make sure they are organic brands of the highest quality.

2. Get into the habit of eating slowly and chewing your food for much longer. It serves well to satisfy our taste buds more completely, enabling you to feel satiated more quickly. It also aids digestion.

3. Stop eating whenever you feel full, even if there is food left on your plate. Always clearing your plate can make you eat more than what your body can take.

4. Cut down or eradicate all junk food and drink from your diet such as processed food, tinned food, sugar products, white flour products, caffeine, chocolate, cola and fizzy sugary drinks in general, alcohol, fatty foods, fried foods and foods containing additives. Minimize your salt intake.

5. Buy a juicer and get into the habit of making fresh juices or smoothies every day. Begin each day with a freshly prepared juice and if you can, have more during the day. Juicing regularly helps in remaining healthier and defy aging

Source: IANS


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