Fiscal deficit as GDP percentage touched 4.56% in Dec: FinMin data


New Delhi, Feb 21 | Fiscal deficit as a percentage of GDP touched 4.56 per cent as of December 2019 with total receipts pegged at Rs 11.77 lakh crore against a higher expenditure of Rs 21.09 lakh crore, data of government accounts showed.

For the fiscal 2019-20 (till March 31, 2020), the fiscal deficit has been revised to 3.8 per cent now.

Gross tax collection was Rs 13.83 lakh crore (53 per cent of the Budget estimates). The net tax revenue of the Central government was at Rs 9.04 lakh crore which was 55 per cent of the BE, after deducting devolution to the states to the tune of Rs 4.76 lakh crore and Rs 2,480 crore towards NDRF.

The non-tax revenue accrued to the Centre was Rs 2.41 lakh crore whereas other receipts were pegged at Rs 31,000 crore. The government released Rs 54,621.14 crore to the states as their share in central taxes and duties as well as Rs 6,989.38 crore as recommended by the Finance Commission in January.

In December 2019, the states received Rs 7,499.89 crore as recommended by the Finance Commission and the government released Rs 2,714.03 crore towards various schemes. In January 2020, the states received much lower Rs 101.29 crore.

Out of total government expenditure of Rs 21.09 lakh crore, which is 76 per cent of the BE, revenue expenditure was Rs 18.54 lakh crore and capital expenditure Rs 2.55 lakh crore.

Fiscal deficit was pegged at Rs 8.07 lakh crore, which was 11 per cent of BE.

“As a percentage of the GDP, fiscal deficit is 4.56 per cent. The revenue receipts are sufficient to cover only 56 per cent of the expenditure,” the Accounts Review Report of the Finance Ministry said.

Source: IANS

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Covid-19 Lockdown : Greenwood High International School comes forward to help the needy

Covid-19 Lockdown : Greenwood High International School comes forward to help the needy

Bangalore, April 02, 2020 : The nationwide lockdown to combat Coronavirus outbreak in the country has led to severe difficulties for the poor and homeless people. In an effort to help the needy, Greenwood High International School, has come forward to do their bit to the cause. The school have undertaken the initiative to prepare food for 300 underprivileged families every day and distribute  in and around Sarjapur area with the help of Sarjapur police station. This would be a continuous support from the school authority towards the needy people until the lockdown ends. While distributing the food, the school authority also followed the social distancing norms and ensured that necessary precautionary measures like masks and gloves were used in the entire process to provide clean and hygienic food to the people.

Speaking on this initiative, Ms. Niru Agarwal, Trustee, Greenwood High said: “As much as we believe in inculcating the values of benevolence and philanthropy among our students, we practise these ourselves too. Greenwood High has always been compassionate to help those in need and we continue to do so. We are mindful of contributing to the society in multiple ways and are proud to leverage our sources towards such an important cause. Several NGOs, individuals and businesses are pitching in to help the citizens and government through various initiatives with the hope that humanity would survive these dreadful times of coronavirus onslaught. We believe that only by active collaboration between all the members of the society, we will be able to overcome the impact of this pandemic.”


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