Experts critical of White House after record Covid deaths


Washinton, Jan 20 | The Trump administration’s incompetence in handling Covid-19 has drawn harsh criticism from the academia as the country’s death toll from the disease topped another chilling mark of 4,00,000 on Tuesday.

Never before in the recent century has an American President witnessed such a tragic loss of lives. The number is fast approaching the 4,05,000 US fatalities during World War II and the pandemic is among the deadliest events in the country. The 1918 flu pandemic killed 6,75,000 Americans and at least 50 million worldwide, the Xinhua news agency reported.

“What’s so troubling about this loss of life is it was preventable,” but “we did not mount a response to wage war against this virus,” said Steven Woolf, director emeritus of the Center on Society and Health at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Thomas Whalen, an associate professor at Boston University and an expert on the American presidency, launched a more scathing attack on the President, saying Donald Trump repeatedly downplayed the public severity of the pathogen.

“He knew this was a threat and really did not do what was necessary to respond to it in a thoughtful and resourceful way,” Whalen said of Trump.

Surging infections in the North American country still show no sign of abating, averaging more than 2,30,000 new confirmed cases and 3,000 deaths per day in January.

Source: IANS

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Global Strategist and Philanthropist Drummi Bhatt returns to her homeland to bring about a vernacular infotainment content revolution

Global Strategist and Philanthropist Drummi Bhatt returns to her homeland to bring about a vernacular infotainment content revolution

Drummi Bhatt has successfully donned many hats including that of a global strategy professional, mentor, and investor to early-stage startups encouraging women entrepreneurship, and a philanthropist.

Drummi currently leads Market Intelligence and Strategy team at Mitsubishi Power, USA building corporate-level strategies for global markets. Drummi is also the founder of KarmaKonnect, a Woman and Rural Empowerment Non-Profit Organisation which works for projects in remote rural, tribal, and conflict areas.

Her philanthropy work has taken her to various corners of India, including, far end corners of Leh, Ladakh, Telangana, and remote areas of Chambal. During these visits, she got mesmerized by culturally rich, vernacular, and diverse, the true “Bharat”.

During her interaction across the country, she got enchanted by the whirlwind of talent residing across Bharat, which is not restricted to a language, city, or just tier-1 cities but is found in abundance all across tier-2, tier-3 cities, and rural-tribal clusters.

With OTT platforms ruling the world in 2020, Drummi decided to bring her strategic insights and data analytics strength to this field by joining hands with seasoned entrepreneurs, Rahul Narvekar and Narendra Firodia, to launch its kind, vernacular OTT platform, Letsflix.

In 2019, Drummi, Rahul, and Narendra have successfully launched India’s first vernacular infotainment app, LetsUp, which now caters to 1.5 million users and in 7 vernacular languages, a feat achieved by none. The trio has now been passionately working towards creating and delivering vernacular content for every viewer in India with Letsflix.


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