Delhi smog reaches eastern Rajasthan


Jaipur, Nov 2 | Jaipur on Saturday was trapped under rising smog which came from Delhi with the change of wind direction.

The dense cover of smog surrounded the skies since morning in the Rajasthan capital.

Besides Jaipur, the smog was also reported in Bharatpur, Dholpur and Dausa due to anti-cyclone which changed the directions of the air.

The eastern Rajasthan developed anti-cyclone on Saturday due to which winds started flowing in north easterly direction. Hence Delhi air reached eastern Rajasthan while flowing through Alwar, Bharatpur, Dhoplur, Ajmer and Dausa, said IMD director Shiv Ganesh.

According to Central Pollution Control Board, “The AQI measured till 5 p.m. was 253 which stands for unhealthy status. Similarly, Adarsh Nagar had AQI OF 166 while Jhotwara has AQI of 330.

The officials confirmed that sporadic rains can bring down the AQI figures in eastern Rajasthan.

Source: IANS


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