Choice group launches fintech aggregator platform to address low insurance penetration


MUMBAI, India, May 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In a bid to empower the average Indian mitigate his risks with the appropriate insurance products, Choice Group has launched a fintech aggregator platform — ISMOS offering life, health and general insurance.


“With insurance penetration in India being just over 2%, the intuitive, interactive and tech-enabled platform with universal reach, offers comparable quotes from multiple insurance companies that would facilitate the customer or user to take a well-informed decision keeping his risks in mind,” said Suyash Patodia, Executive Director of Choice Insurance Broking.

Choice Insurance Broking Pvt Ltd is in the process of being acquired by BSE-listed Choice International to be its wholly-owned subsidiary, and IRDA’s approval for the same is awaited.

Drawing a parallel with e-commerce portals like Amazon or Zomato or for that matter discount broking platforms in the financial space, Patodia believes that with Digital India being now at the core of the Indian economy, ISMOS is a one-stop solution to improve insurance penetration in the Indian market with a basket of risk mitigation products with the help of in-built filters to eliminate mis-selling.

Customers will be able to extract a quote directly from several insurance companies on the ISMOS platform and buy the insurance policy of their choice, instantly without any hassle, he said.

To supplement the online initiative, the platform has enrolled over 1,000 IRDA-approved PoSPs (Point of sales persons) so far to aid users if they seek assistance. The platform will also facilitate claims through third-party administrators (TPAs).

“ISMOS is one more feather in our fintech ecosystem after having consistently developed several tech platforms for the investor fraternity with Investica for mutual funds, Jiffy for stock trading, and very recently Alphabee for long-term investors. The platform is an outcome of cumulative wisdom churned through our domain expertise of over 2 decades of insurance broking business,” said Kamal Poddar, Managing Director, Choice Group.

To get access to the platform click on the following link:

About Choice Group:

With its membership of NSE, BSE, MCX-SX, MCX, NCDEX, and a depository participant with CDSL since 2010, the group led by its listed entity Choice International is also the largest SME Market Maker in India apart from being an AMFI registered mutual fund distributor. An end-to-end financial conglomerate, the group has over the past decade expanded massively to become a holistic finance firm with groundbreaking technologies and innovative methodologies to serve its clients.

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Ronak Agrawal  


Choice International Limited


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Handicraft Furniture setting a new trend in the interior and home décor industry

Handicraft Furniture setting a new trend in the interior and home décor industry

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Antique Handicraft Furniture

Saharanpur – the furniture city of India is renowned for its explicit patterns, wide motifs, and creativity. The city is home to some of the most skilled and proficient artisans and craftsmen. These creative enthusiasts are known for their attention to detail, intricate carving, and eye for perfection. The finishing and look of the furniture created in this city are beyond comparison. Craftatoz is one of the reputed furniture manufacturing companies in India. Established in the year 1989 in Saharanpur, the company has more than 300 trained and skilled workmen. The antique and eternal furniture created by Craftatoz sets the perfect symphony of texture and gives your space a stunning and grandeur appearance.

Furniture artefacts are one of the worthwhile investments. It not only augments the overall appearance of your room but also meticulously sets the whole ambience. The novelty and ethnic feel of antique furniture make it highly popular amongst the masses. The designers and interior decorators are hunting unique and exquisite antique furniture that connects one with the Indian roots. Craftatoz is one of its kind of handicraft furniture manufacturing company striving to preserve the Indian handicraft industry and introducing artistic handicraft furniture that is spectacular and awe-inspiring.

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Handicraft furniture online is a part of Indian heritage and culture from the Britishers time. Handicraft furniture speaks volumes about our rich history and love for art. Handicraft furniture is an integral part of our interiors and gives your premise an elegant touch. However, over the period of time with the introduction of modernization and machine-made furniture, the significance of handicraft furniture has been also affected to a great extent.  Furniture giants like Craftatoz are exerting themselves to promote the artisan’s talent and preserve the art of handicraft. They are bringing handicraft furniture to modern homes and preserving our legacy. Handicraft furniture is a seamless combination of modern art, style, and antiquity. They are unmatched and a true epitome of sophistication.

Handicraft furniture suits your décor and adds more splendor to it

The latest global trend in home furniture and decoration is Handicraft Furniture. Décor with the layer of Indian handicraft products and furniture creates an interesting décor and creates an impeccable melody of texture, color, fabric, styles, etc. Antique handicraft furniture in the form of mirrors, center table, jharokhas, Chandeliers, key holders, table lamps, corner tables, and much more. Handicraft Furniture is true alchemy of style and poise. They are an ideal fit for any modern urban or conventionally designed abodes. The handicraft wooden furniture celebrates luxury and creates a lavish feel.

The matchless collection of handicraft furniture

Handicraft furniture is never outdated. They are timeless and always in fashion. Other furniture styles may come and go but the love for Indian handicraft and artistic furniture is increasing at an enormous rate. A true lover of Indian culture and exclusive products is sure to get impressed by the sumptuous range of handicraft furniture offered by Craft atoz. The handicraft furniture can truly revamp your furniture and add a gleam to your interiors. Handicraft furniture is available in size, style, and pattern. The availability of premium grade handicraft furniture collection has led to an immense increase in the demand and utility of the same. Interior designers and décor experts are incorporating handicraft furniture to create a comprehensive mood of the space and give it a cutting-edge.

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Like every industry, the furniture industry has also witnessed several ups and downs. The trends in the furniture industry are ever-evolving. There are continuous introductions and upgrades in this sector. However, the heart of the furniture segment is still ‘Handicraft Furniture’ the simplicity, quirkiness, antique touch, regal patterns and immersive feel of handicraft furniture still continue to mesmerize everyone with its grandeur and sheer opulence.

Handicraft furniture is at the pedestal and gaining substantial attention worldwide. They are widely acknowledged as one of the most reputed, credible, and authentic Indian art forms. The handicraft furniture reflects the legacy of the country and opens new avenues for Indian craftsmen and artefacts. Craftatoz with an aim to provide these artists global exposure and widespread Indian culture to every corner of the world brings a well-thought, finely detailed range of handicraft furniture that creates the cult and sets new milestones in the world of online furniture.


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