Catalyst –The Life Transformer

Catalyst –The Life Transformer
Catalyst –The Life Transformer

“A catalyst is always  a stimulus to increase the speed of action with motivation. ”

Intro: A substance that initiates or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected. The role of catalyst is very important when there is a question of transformation. Catalyst as a substance can increase the speed of chemical reaction but in case of catalyst as a  person, who can work as great master to transform your  life.

Catalyst as Transformer…

We’ve all experienced catalysts people – there is an energy that seems to swirl around them, they constantly have new ideas and can inspire us to think the impossible is possible. Catalysts can be like a transformer whose presence may change the energy and pushes to make things much better. They help to discover the true self inside you without being given any kind of support ,a master as catalyst makes you more and more aware to easily identify for the self with vision to know ,what is right or wrong for you.

  • The presence of some people motivates you and some makes you dull, because people who are positive, loving ,optimistic and energetic work as source of good energy and their presence makes you feel happy on the other hand negative people who are always frustrated, egoistic, angry and stressed can suck your energy makes you more dull and lethargic. So be aware about your company along with your mentor.
  • Drive for action that transform– The catalyst as a mentor give you driving force for actions which transform your vision into results.This driving force can be right guidance, right way of living, right energy management and revealing secrets of life to live it in more richer form .
  • Change is the only permanent thing in existence– A catalyst is an event or person causing a change. Getting kicked out of your parents’ house might be a catalyst for becoming more independent. So welcome all catalytic events of life with awareness because

“Love the pain to gain ,as every Growth may be painful at initial stage.”

  • Wakes you up– Right catalyst as mentor will never allow you to sleep or will keep on creating situations which will shake you up to make you more and more aware to sharpen your intelligence. This intelligence will help to discover the true self inside you.
  • Makes you the leader not the follower– Right catalyst as mentor will never ask you to follow him/her but help to develop your own wisdom to create your own new success milestone’s . As “ Leader will never be a follower but Leaders are dealers with Empowerment,Empathy, Emotional Intelligence and Excellence.”
  • Helps in deconditioning– The true master who work as catalyst will never condition you for fixed old orthodox patterns but respect you and your uniqueness with creativity . This deconditioning of mind helps in innovation and new idea generation.

The most important decision in life is to choose RIGHT MENTOR or MASTER or Teacher who should work as CATALST for your self-discovery with courage . The one who know what life is and have clarity about it can truly guide you towards success. This selection of right people and right company matter a lot in your life as their thoughts,emotions and actions affects your personality, intelligence and wisdom too, either they can help to grow or they can be the hurdle for you. This foolishness of choosing wrong people can burn the path of your success. So open your eyes and connect with right people (Catalyst) to move on with awareness is MOTIVATION.

Pankaj Rai
International Trainer, Writer, Motivator, Psychologist and Consultant
Mobile:+91 9407843111

Source: IANS


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