Bolt will come out of retirement only if coach tells him to


Jamaica, July 11 | Eight-time Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt recently revealed what could make him come out of retirement and catch the imagination of track and field fans worldwide once again.

Following a decade of dominance, Bolt hung up his illustrious boots after finishing third in the 100m event at the World Championships in 2017 in London.

“If my coach came back and told me, ‘Let’s do this,’ I will because I believe so much in my coach. So, I know if he says, ‘We’re gonna do this,’ I know it’s possible,” Bolt said on Variety After-Show presented by National Geographic.

Following his retirement from sprinting, Bolt had tried his hands at professional football as he trained with Australian A-League side Central Coastal Mariners in October 2018. However, couple of months later, he decided against pursuing a career in football.

Bolt recently became a father after partner Kasi Bennett gave birth to a babygirl in May. He stated it is more difficult than winning sprinting laurels across the world.

“This is harder. The first week I got sick because I was scared to fall asleep, so I stayed up at night, just watching her,” Bolt said.

He also seemed to find a blessing in disguise after Tokyo 2020 Olympics was postponed due to coronavirus pandemic. The multi-national event was initially set to be hosted in July this year but due to COVID-19 crisis, it will now take place from July 23 till August 8 in 2021.

“The only good thing about it is that I actually get to take my daughter next year. One of my ‘moments’ is to have my firstborn just walk on a track with me. That’s something that I’ve always thought about even before having kids,” he added.

Source: IANS


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