Amitabh Thakur challenges compulsory retirement in CAT


    Lucknow, May 12 | Former IPS officer, Amitabh Thakur, has challenged his compulsory retirement order in the Lucknow bench of Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT).

    He was given compulsory retirement by the UP Government on March 23 this year.

    Amitabh Thakur said in his petition that the Government of India and UP Government orders are completely incorrect. He said these orders have been passed merely for malafide intent because of personal and systemic bias against him, which has adversely affected his entire family.

    Thakur said the UP Government arbitrarily and randomly selected his name for compulsory retirement, without any material and grounds before it, which was approved by the central government. The government, he said, refused to provide him the relevant records related to the orders.

    Amitabh Thakur said this refusal to provide documents makes it apparent that the order is incorrect and the concerned governments want to hide facts.

    Hence, he has prayed for quashing of the order and providing him all service-related benefits for the given period.

    Source: IANS


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