Air pollution drops after a month


Gurugram, Nov 17 | The people of Gurugram got a huge relief from air pollution as the PM 2.5 level on Tuesday was recorded to be 166.

This is the first time since October 12 that the air pollution level has dropped in the city.

Since October, the 2.5 level has been more than 400 while it was recorded to be 425 on November 15.

However, the outer area of Gurugram recorded slightly more air pollution than the city. The sky remained clear on Tuesday when it got sunny.

“In the past one month the air quality in Gurugram was in a very poor category but the day after Diwali wind speed and rain provided a huge relief in air pollution,” said Kuldeep Singh, regional pollution officer.

Meanwhile, the PM 2.5 level in the past ten days at different locations of the district also reduced. The PM 2.5 level near Mini Secretariat was 166, near Gwal Pahari village was 171, Sector-51 was 250, Gurugram-Faridabad Road near Terry was 228 and in Manesar it was 209.

“Drop in air pollution will provide huge relief to asthma and Covid patients. In view of the current air pollution level it is far better than earlier,” said a senior physician of the district health department.

Moreover, during the last month, the level of air pollution PM 2.5 was also recorded more than 500 in Gurugram.

Source: IANS


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