7-foot python sneaks into irrigation office in Agra, rescued


Agra Jan 13 | A seven-foot Indian rock python was rescued by a Wildlife SOS team after it was found stuck inside a pipe at Nalkoop Khand, which falls under the Irrigation and Water Resources Department, located in Transport Nagar here.

The snake is currently under observation and will be released back into its natural habitat once deemed fit.

With the cold wave sweeping across northern India, various reptile species are being forced to venture out of their natural habitats and seek shelter elsewhere.

In one such incident, the staff at Nalkoop Khand in Transport Nagar stumbled upon a massive python inside a store room, stuck in a pipe.

The Wildlife SOS was alerted and a two-member team was dispatched to the location. The Nalkoop Khand or tube-well section works functions under the Irrigation and Water Resources Department which is regulated and monitored by Uttar Pradesh Projects Corporation Limited.

Hari Shankar Gupta, assistant project manager, said, “Our staff first saw the python near the store room door, which later slithered inside and eventually got stuck in an empty water pipe kept there. We are grateful to the Wildlife SOS for the swift response.”

Kartick Satyanarayan, Co-founder and CEO of Wildlife SOS, said, “During winters, snakes often venture out of their natural habitat in search of warmer places. Since reptiles are cold-blooded, their body temperature varies with that of the environment, therefore they are unable to self-regulate their temperature if they get too warm or too cold. We request people to report any such incident on our helpline.”

Baiju Raj M.V., Director of Conservation Projects for Wildlife SOS, said, “The python’s safety was of utmost importance and our trained rescuers followed all the precautionary measures while extricating the snake from the pipe. We are thankful to the staff for taking the right step and alerting our team. It is essential that we remain sensitive to the presence of wild animals and learn to co-exist.”

Source: IANS

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Weekly Technical Share Market Outlook

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Sensex advanced 1532 points or 2.90 percent while Nifty gained 484 points or 3.07 percent in a week. Simultaneously, Bank nifty has overcome bear’s dominance ending the session with 3.49 percent gain. Sectorally,Nifty Metal saw the highest gains of 7.40 percent followed by the Realty and Auto added over 4% gain. On the flip side Nifty IT tumbled 2.82 percent on weekly basis. Midcap and Small Cap measures rising nearly 2 percent as well.

In Nifty stock, EICHERMOT gained 11.31% while TECHM lost 5.98% on a weekly basis. INDIA VIX closes at 23.10 suggests volatility driven market is going to remain intact. Coming to the OI Data, on the call side highest OI witnessed at 17000 Nifty followed by 16800 Nifty strike price while on the put side, the highest OI was at 16000 Nifty followed by 15800 Nifty strike price. Technically, Nifty has formed a Tweezer Bottom type pattern in the weekly chart suggesting a short term buying rally may drive the market until monthly expiry. On the daily chart, price has rebounded from the lower Bollinger band as well.

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Sumeet Bagadia
Executive Director
Choice Broking

Source: Choice India


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